Mail4ME CVS Access

The Mail4ME source can be accessed in a number of ways.

  • The source code can be viewed online here.

  • To download the source code to your machine, follow the Read-Only CVS Access instructions below.

  • To have write access the source code, follow the CVS Write Access instructions below.

CVS Source Code Control

We maintain all of our source in a CVS repository. You can learn more about CVS from

Read Only CVS Access

Follow these instructions to download the latest source using anonymous CVS access:

  1. Set your CVSROOT environment variable to

    For example, under Unix:
    export CVSROOT
  2. Log in to the CVS repository using the following command.
    cvs login
    (Enter 'anoncvs' as the password when prompted.)
  3. Check out the sources using the following command.
    cvs co Mail4ME
    (Enter 'anoncvs' as the password when prompted.)

CVS Write Access (committers only)

You can also gain write access to the Mail4ME CVS tree. To do so
  1. Become a committer by being active in the project and contributing code!
  2. Obtain a CVS user ID (and mail address) from the project Chair. For this example, we assume that this account is 'john' and the password is 'MrOtter'.
  3. Set the CVSROOT environment variable to
  4. Set up CVS and SSH. See the CVS over SSH pages for more information.
  5. Proceed with normal CVS checkout, update, commit, etc. commands.

Browse the CVS tree online