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Mail4ME: java.io.IOException: open failed event: -2

Just wondering if anyone has seen the above error before.  I've uploaded
the stock jar and jad file to my web server, and set the mime.types file
appropriately to allow downloading.  The phone happily installs the file.

I enter the usual information, username, password, the location of the
server, etc, no problem.  When I hit "OK" I get the above error message.

It's a Sanyo 4500 phone on SprintPCS's Vision service.  I have full TCP/IP
connectivity from the phone, and have even used Reqwireless's MailViewer
software from the phone, however I'm unhappy about the fact that it
neither respects subscribed folders, nor does it allow you to set the
default folder prefix when using IMAP.  I'm hoping Mail4Me will either
allow it or I can hack it in.

Any ideas?