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Mail4ME: Re: Http Proxy for Mail4me

You need to check the documentation for programming using servlets 
first. The directory needs to be WEB-INF and not web-inf. This is case 

- Navneet

Cyberratz said the following on 17/12/2003 9:41 PM:

> On Wed, 17 Dec 2003, Cyberratz wrote something like:
>>Hi folks!
>>I try to get the proxy up and running. Tomcat is running, but I dont get the servlet running. Can anybody tell me how this works? 
>>There is no how-to anywere...
>>I got this web.xml in tomcat/webapps/mail4me/web-inf/ and the classes in tomcat/webapps/mail4me/web-inf/classes/de/trantor/mail/
>>But it doesn't work! Help! :-)
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