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Re: Mail4ME: Trying to set up MIDlet version [Partially OT]

At 09:16 15/07/2003 +0100, you wrote:
Around about 14/07/2003 18:59, Dan typed ...
Worth trying JSDK, you'll need J2SE SDK and J2ME sdk to have a
successful compile.

  OK.  Didn;'t work, BTW - same error as just reported by Alexander Newfinnmark.  I wonder whether it's missing a 'please connect' API call.  Although my new GPRS is supposed to be 'always on', it seems to go away whem I quit the browser.

On my Motorola V60i I've two Gprs connections: one for WAP and one named Java Session.
For the first I use Omnitel/Vodaf. settings for WAP Gprs, for the second Omnitel/Vodaf.
settings required to use my cell. as a GPRS "modem" connected with the PC.
Also APNs are different in the two scenarios.

  Each game/application can be set to be /able/ to access the Net (with or without asking permission), but although I've set this, I wonder whether Mail4ME *assumes* it's connected.  Guess I'll have to read around the docs. etc. to see if there's anything obvious.

  Never done any Java hacking before ...

My guess is that you might need proxying too, as told to Alexander .

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Hey..that my task, right for Redhat...go here and let me know



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