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Re: Mail4ME: Trying to set up MIDlet version

Around about 14/07/2003 18:59, Dan typed ...
> Worth trying JSDK, you'll need J2SE SDK and J2ME sdk to have a
> successful compile.

   OK.  Didn;'t work, BTW - same error as just reported by Alexander 
Newfinnmark.  I wonder whether it's missing a 'please connect' API call. 
  Although my new GPRS is supposed to be 'always on', it seems to go 
away whem I quit the browser.

   Each game/application can be set to be /able/ to access the Net (with 
or without asking permission), but although I've set this, I wonder 
whether Mail4ME *assumes* it's connected.  Guess I'll have to read 
around the docs. etc. to see if there's anything obvious.

   Never done any Java hacking before ...

> Member of Gimp-Print - Top Quality Printer Drivers Development Team

   Had a right ol' b#gger of a time trying to create gimp RPMs with an 
updated gimp-print plugin a couple of months back.  It was hack-city 
trying to get the 'full' gimp to not install it and have it in the RPM, 
and then have gimp-print as it's own RPM which included the plug-in 
(which Redhat's doesn't by default).

[neil@fnx ~]# rm -f .signature
[neil@fnx ~]# ls -l .signature
ls: .signature: No such file or directory
[neil@fnx ~]# exit