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Re: Mail4ME: Trying to set up MIDlet version

At 08:46 14/07/2003 +0100, you wrote:

  I think I may be being dense, but I've got the MIDlet vn. 1.14 on my Nokia 7210, and when I run it, it takes me straight to the setup page.

  But I can't do anything else but edit the fields there.  There's no 'go' or 'save' - the only thing I can do is quit the app., and that doesn't save any of my settings.  How do I actually /run/ the thing?

Basicly all of this settings will be saved with the first successful mail check.

Anyway if you don't want to go through this just download the sources and edit
MailMidlet.java file where it reads
    private String address = "yourname@yourisp.com";
    private String hostname = "localhost";
    private String pop3Host = "pop.yourisp.com";
    private String pop3User = "username";
    private String pop3Pass = "password";
    private String smtpHost = "smtp.yourisp.com";

filling it with your settings, rebuild the package and install to your phone.


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