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Mail4ME: How to run proxyservlet

I downloaded Mail4Me to my cellphone, it works ok, but now I want to get 
more experiented with it and I want to run my own jakarta-tomcat server 
where my phone contacts. I havenŽt never used this kind of stuff, but I have 
tomcat running now. How do I use the Proxyservlet. Is it working now when I
used the servlet with tomcat and got a white screen. How can I make my 
telephone to contact to this local servlet? In which class it is 
specificated that which server the phone contacts?
And what changes IŽll must to do in the code?
Or is it so simple to use that I specify in the phone(Mail4Me) settings the 
http proxy to something like http://localhost:8080/servlet/ProxyServlet?

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