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Mail4ME: Another problem with Mail4ME

I get an error after setupscreen: Java.IO.Exception: /mail4me
Why do I get such a message? I have installed Tomcat 4.1.24 and run the 
Iīm trying to run the downloaded .jad and .jar files with J2ME wtk sony p800 
emulator,and nokia developerīs suite and the settings are:

adress: kokeilu3@yahoo.com
localhost: localhost
Inbox type: pop3
Inbox host: pop.mail.yahoo.com
username: kokeilu3
passwd: ***********
smtp host: smtp.mail.yahoo.com
smtp auth: on/off
http proxy: on
proxyhost: localhost
debugging: on/off

The Proxyservlet is running in adress 

I think the settings are false, or what?