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Mail4ME: mail4me proxy servlet permission problem


I've been trying to set up the proxy servlet for mail4me but getting 
some problems. The servlet seem to be working but there might be some 
permission problems according to the log: - - [18/Mar/2003:09:29:59 1000] "GET 
/mail4me?command=open&host=sr-71.nu&port=143&ssl=false HTTP/1.1" 200 24 - - [18/Mar/2003:09:30:02 1000] "POST 
/mail4me/12BJSTHJTVJ2R HTTP/1.1" 404 607 - - [18/Mar/2003:09:30:02 1000] "GET 
/mail4me?command=close&session=12BJSTHJTVJ2R HTTP/1.1" 200 -

The temporary session does'nt seem to create. I'm very new to tomcat and 
has no really idea how to resolve this problem, my guess is that it has 
to do with permission settings. Has someone else resolved this problem?