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Re: Mail4ME: Well known socket problem

This is not something to be "fixed". The MIDP specifications say that 
the HTTP protocol is the only required protocol to be supported. The 
socket protocol is optional and Nokia has chosen not to implement it in 
their MIDP 1.0 devices.

As an aside, I've used Reqwireless's email client and it's well worth 
the $16 if you want to read mail on your mobile.


Fabio Rosciano wrote:
> Hi there,
> I bought a Nokia 6610 and tried to install Mail4me.
> I configured the account but got this when I pushed "OK":
> "javax.microedition.io.connectionnotfound exception: the
> requested protocol does not exist socket://pop.gmx.net:110"
> I read the mailing list and found the similar problem that was issued
> back in May 2002.
> So my question is: are there any possibilities this would be fixed or
> I will have to spend those 16$ in Reqwireless' emailviewer?
> I'm so sorry I don't know anything about Java, otherwise I would have
> contributed actively, by now I'm just a filthy leecher...
> Go on like this, though.