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Re: Mail4ME: E-mail klijent

Hi Allen,

Allen wrote:
> I have tried your program Mail4ME on my Siemens C55 moby, and I was
> very satisfied whith it capabilities.
> I can download mails from my account whithout any problems.

This is nice to hear.

> I have tride to send picture and download it whith your program and I
> get text but pictures I can't.
> Is your program anabled for download pictures,logos, music and other
> staff? Maybe you can upgrade your program for that.

The program is able to display images in PNG format, since this is what an
MIDP phone supports. Other formats would require additional decoders, making
Mail4ME bigger, so it won't run on smaller phones any more. Although it
would be interesting to add the mentioned features to the program, I'm
afraid I don't have the time to do this. But, hey, it's open source, so feel
free to do this yourself.

> I also tried program from ReqWirless EmailViewer and setup works fine
> but when I tried to connect I get massage "Out of heap memory!" What
> seems to be the problem?

Can't speak for Reqwireless, but the memory in an MIDP phone is usually very
limited. Large mails simply won't fit. Mail4ME tries very hard to not waste
memory with temporary strings etc, so it may be that Mail4ME accepts
slightly larger messages than Reqwireless does. Other reasons for the
problem are also possible, though.