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Mail4ME: Ssl support for mail4me

Hi Jörg & others,

I've attached a version of mail4me with midp 2.0 compliant ssl functionality
added. The files I've modified are 

ConnectionImpl.java - including ssl as defined in midp 2.0
ImapClient.java - added a capability command to be used with IMAP
MailMIDlet.java - added option to use ssl with receiving and/or sending
mail, and port configuration to be used with pop3, imap and smtp.

The ssl part seems to work pretty well on Sun's wireless toolkit 2.0 beta 1
emulator. Once I've added the right certificate authority to the emulator it
manages to start the ssl session and continue with IMAP. 
Importing the certificate authority first to java general keystore using
keytool (sun WTK)( http://mindprod.com/jglosskeytool.html )
And from there to Mekeystore (

The imap session seems to start ok. I get to login to a server and the
server authenticates ok. 
Then I've run into some trouble with the IMAP functionality.. I've tested
the client against a couple of different IMAP servers using ssl. One one
server when I go SELECT INBOX, as executed in ImapClient, I seem to get no
response from the server, and that is as far as my session goes..

One another IMAP server, the SELECT INBOX command gets a reply and the
session goes on for a couple of more steps, but when gets stuck when it
should start downloading headers.. The behaviour is just the same, client
has sent a package, but then no reply from the server is received. 

This might be something with the way ssl socket is configured, but could
also be in the IMAP routines.. Any ideas? 

If anyone has the possibility to test out the ssl with a midp 2.0 emulator,
I would be very interested hearing how far you've got..