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Re: Mail4ME: Too big for 6310

Hi Dan,

Dan wrote:
> Jorg and Ficek.....on December 18th I built a full featured version of
> Mail4Me of 30338Bytes .I sent to Jorg also 'cause it corrected a thin
> bug in program version reporting (About screen) but it looked like I
> was blown off. I attach again such contribute of mine, specifying
> that it has been compiled against Wireless Tlk 1.4.1_01 .
> BTW it works great over my V60i.

No, I did not forget you. Your stuff is on my to-do list, amongst other
things. Unfortunately I can't spend as much time on Mail4ME as I'd like to.
If that were the case, the HTTP-proxy stuff I've been promising for months
now would have been out quite a while ago.