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Re: Mail4ME: brazilian questions....

Hi Ricardo,

Ricardo Andere de Mello wrote:

> Im a brazilian programmer and I am working on a project for public
> schools in brazil. its a kind of groupware. One of the tasks of this
> groupware is to access some data at the imap, like email, agenda, and
> other stuff.
> I couldnt find a java imap library to solve my problems, because all
> I found are inside another applications, and cannot easily be
> separated. (I found some that have swing components in it...8-P, how
> can I separate this...)
> After searching a lot I found mail4me and I think it solves the
> reading part of my problem, and I think I will implement the other
> writing and managing part.
> For example, It dont has a function to encode64 to a message and to
> send the message directly to the imap, and functions to delete and
> create folders.
> All software Im working on will be lgpled, is there any problem with
> this? Any interest in these classes Ill develop, can I send you when
> finished? Do you have already a more complete class that I could use?

Sounds interesting.

Basically I don't have a problem with you using Mail4ME in an LGPL'd
project. I suppose it's a non-commercial project (research or something?).
You should try to use Mail4ME as a whole (JAR), and don't cut'n'paste those
parts that you need. That should make the licensing problem easier to deal
with. You could then simply state "Uses Mail4ME library which is under
Enhydra Public License by permission from blahblah...". I'm not a lawyer,
but I suspect mixing source code with Enhydra and LGPL licenses might become
a problem.

As for your feature wishes/offers: I am willing to add an additional
MimeEncoder class that also allows base64 encoding. Or maybe it's possible
to collapse the Mime encoding and decoding in one class. The code for base64
encoding is already there in the SMTP class (if I remember it correctly),
where it's used for password encoding.

If you are willing to contribute some of your code to Mail4ME, that's great.
My only concern is that the classes don't get too large, because everything
has to work on mobile phone with very rare memory. But a couple of
additional functions for accessing folders should do no harm.



PS: One additional comment - if you write further messages to the list,
please subscribe to it before (or mail to me privately). I have to approve
all postings from non-subscribes manually.