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Mail4ME: brazilian questions....


Iīm a brazilian programmer and I am working on a project for public
schools in brazil. itīs a kind of groupware. One of the tasks of this
groupware is to access some data at the imap, like email, agenda, and
other stuff.
I couldnīt find a java imap library to solve my problems, because all I
found are inside another applications, and cannot easily be separated. (I
found some that have swing components in it...8-P, how can I separate
After searching a lot I found mail4me and I think it solves the reading
part of my problem, and I think I will implement the other writing and
managing part.
For example, It donīt has a function to encode64 to a message and to send
the message directly to the imap, and functions to delete and create
All software Iīm working on will be lgpled, is there any problem with this?
Any interest in these classes Iīll develop, can I send you when finished?
Do you have already a more complete class that I could use?

Ricardo Andere de Mello
Quilombo Digital

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