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Re: Mail4ME: Nokia 6310i & Mail4ME

Hello Michal (and others),

the proxy servlet on the web page is not yet fully stable. I'm still working on it, so there may be bugs on my side. I also noticed that the results are highly dependent on the Tomcat version you are using. I have made good experiences with 4.0 and 4.1.10. The versions inbetween seemed to have bugs in HTTP/1.1 handling (probably due to the new "Coyote" HTTP connector they seemed to have introduced).

I will commit the newest version of everything as soon as possible, probably later today. Amongst other things, the new version has a simple password protection mechanism, so that you can restrict usage of the servlet to people you know. I also have the servlet running on my home machine (which has a mostly permanent DSL connection to the Internet) for testing purposes. You (and others) could use this installation. This would also help me during development, since I can see what's going on (in the logs).

I'll write another message regarding this to the list when CVS is updated.

Best regards,


Michal Vocù wrote:
> Hi,
>    I have got the following problem with using Mail4ME on N6310i. I
> have installed Tomcat 4 with proxy servlet and turned the HTTP
> proxy option in Mail4ME on. However, I keep getting
> "IOException:Unknown response" on the phone and there is only the
> "open" command in Tomcat log. The weird thing is that it all works
> nicely when running Mail4ME in MIDP emulator; has anyone seen the
> problem as well? 
> Thanks for reply,
> Michal Vocu
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