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Re: Mail4ME: Mail4Me & Nokia 6310i - viable?

Hi Alex,

the problem is that the phone doesn't support plain TCP/IP or at least
doesn't let Java applications use plain TCP/IP (the only protocol required
by an MIDP implementation is HTTP). You would have to use the version of
Mail4ME that works with "TCP/IP tunneling through HTTP" (the proxy thing
mentioned on the homepage). Unfortunately it isn't fully stable yet and also
requires that the proxy servlet is running somewhere permanently. I don't
have a machine that allows this, and since I can't estimate the traffic the
servlet generates (don't know how many people will use it), I wouldn't like
to install it at the University chair where I'm working. You don't happen to
have a machine suitable for this, do you? :-)



Alex Mobile wrote:
> I have been trying to run Mail4Me on a Nokia 6310i (fw 4.80, UK
> Orange), with very limited success. First up, it's _slightly_ over
> the size limit, so at first I couldn't upload it to the phone at
> all. I thinned it down a bit by getting rid of one of the .class
> files I thought I wouldn't need (mailinglist.class IIRC), re-packed
> it using winzip and modified the .jad file to suit the new
> filesize. Amazingly enough it worked and went up to the phone no
> trouble.
> The app starts fine, and goes to setup, where I added the details
> of my pop server (pop.gmx.net in this case) but am getting the
> error   javax.microedition.io.ConnectionNotFoundException: The
> requested protocol does not exist socket://pop.gmx.net:110
> It doesn't seem to make any effort to establish a connection over
> GPRS, GSM dial-up, bluetooth or IR - could this be the problem? The
> phone's Dial-up wap access and GPRS are working fine for the wap
> browser, but do I need to configure a connection for mail4me
> somehow?
> Thanks,
> Alex