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Mail4ME: Mail4Me & Nokia 6310i - viable?

I have been trying to run Mail4Me on a Nokia 6310i (fw 4.80, UK Orange), with very limited success. First up, it's _slightly_ over the size limit, so at first I couldn't upload it to the phone at all. I thinned it down a bit by getting rid of one of the .class files I thought I wouldn't need (mailinglist.class IIRC), re-packed it using winzip and modified the .jad file to suit the new filesize. Amazingly enough it worked and went up to the phone no trouble.

The app starts fine, and goes to setup, where I added the details of my pop server (pop.gmx.net in this case) but am getting the error
  javax.microedition.io.ConnectionNotFoundException: The requested protocol does not exist socket://pop.gmx.net:110

It doesn't seem to make any effort to establish a connection over GPRS, GSM dial-up, bluetooth or IR - could this be the problem? The phone's Dial-up wap access and GPRS are working fine for the wap browser, but do I need to configure a connection for mail4me somehow?


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