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Mail4ME: enhydra.org machine is moving


France Telecom, who is one of the ObjectWeb founder has
offered to provide the enhydra community with free T1
hosting for the enhydra.org machine.

We will be physicaly moving the enhydra.org server
tomorow Wednesday May 28th to a France Telecom research
facility in South San Francisco.

This move will cause an interruption of service of several
hours tomorow Wednesday, but DNS servers will also take time
to update their entry tables. When the machine has rebooted,
you will be able to reach it at address

We will post regular status on this move on

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience,


Christophe Ney
Conseil en Systèmes Hypermédia
Ingénierie du WEB et du Virtuel
tel/fax +33 4 78 94 85 53
mobile +33 6 61 48 85 53