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Re: Mail4ME: Mail4ME & J2ME Wireless Toolkit help

Hello Mariano,

> I am currently using SUN's J2ME Wireless Toolkit Version 1.0.1 & 1.0.3
> to run the J2ME environment on my PC and am able to get many
> internet/http applets working.
> After setting up Mail4ME to my mail server, I fail on both IMAP4 & POP3
> settings and get the following error:
> javax.microedition.io.ConnectionNotFoundException: null

I am using the same setup (WTK 1.0.3) to test my stuff, so it basically
works fine. I must admit though, that there have been some problems with
socket connections (due to bugs on my side) a while ago. I think I fixed
most of these, but have been a bit lazy in checking things into the
repository. I promise to have an up-to-date version on the web and in CVS
today or tomorrow. If you still have the error then, we should go through it

BTW: An alternative to the WTK - at least for developing and testing your
stuff - is the ME4SE toolkit (www.me4se.org). It provides the whole MIDP API
on top of J2SE.