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Re: Mail4ME: feature list for mail4me

Hello Param,

originally, Mail4ME is an open-source implementation of POP3, IMAP, SMTP and
selected parts of the MIME standard. It's a bit like JavaMail, but a lot
smaller, easier to use (in my opinion) and it runs on J2ME as well as J2SE
(and possibly also Personal Java, though I've never tested that).

What most people see first when they visit the project page is the Mail4ME
demo MIDlet. It's a very basic frontend to the library, one could also call
it a simple mail client. It allows to fetch mail from a POP3 or IMAP server
and send mail through an SMTP server. It is able to display mails composed
of plain text and PNG images. It runs on every J2ME/MIDP-compliant device.
The MIDlet is what most people identify with the whole Mail4ME project,
though the project's focus is actually the library work.

Since I've received a number of mails and feature requests regarding the
MIDlet over the recent months, I'm in the process of enhancing the MIDlet.
As an example, it is currently not possible to store messages on the
device - they're retrieved every time the MIDlet is started. Also, you have
to write you outgoing messages online. This will be changed, too. Maybe
there will be other additions, but I don't know about that yet.

I hope I was able to answer your questions.

Best regards,


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> Hi,
> I am interested in your product "mail4me" and want to know more about it.
> Will it be possible for you to send me a complete feature list of your
> product.
> I searched for information on mail4me on your site but could not get
> details.
> Looking forward for your response.
> With Regards,
> Param
> India
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