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Re: Mail4ME: Mail4Me

Hello Jusa,

> I keep recieving the errormessage wihc displays "java.io.IOException
> when I try to connect my SL45 to my POP3 - mailbox.

You are probably using an older version that was not able to detect the
runtime environment (J2ME/J2SE) properly in all cases. Try to download the
current version from http://mail4me.enhydra.org. If the problem persists, it
could be that the *real* SL45i isn't able to resolve hostnames to IP
numbers. I am not sure about this, because I only know the emulator (where
it works fine). If this is the case, it should help to replace the POP3
hostname with the corresponding IP.

Please mail me (and/or the list) again if you have [not] been able to get
Mail4ME working.