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Re: Mail4ME: Read Mail error

Hello Lucky,

can you give me any details on the problem? The following would be
interesting to know:

(1) The version of Mail4ME you're using. This is a bit tricky, because I
don't have any version numbering yet (I suppose I should change that). Do
you use the up-to-date version that already has IMAP support?

(2) The data you entered in the setup screen (apart from username and
password, of course).

(3) The device you're using.

(4) The full text of the error messages and what exactly you tried to do.
You said that reading a message doesn't work. Does writing a message? And
how many messages are in your inbox?



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From: "Lucky-Panjaito" <lucky@telkom.net>
To: <Mail4ME@enhydra.org>
Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2001 1:33 AM
Subject: Mail4ME: Read Mail error

> I have tried the MIDP version of Mail4ME, but I keep getting
> error messages everytime I try to open an e-mail. It only
> works for listing the available mails in the inbox, but
> can't open any.
> Sincerely,
> Lucky Panjaito
> lucky@telkom.net
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