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Mail4me: New release of Mail4ME


I just wanted to let you know that there's a new release of Mail4ME
available at the project's homepage. In short, it now contains MIME support.
The more complete list of features looks like this:

* A class for representing and manipulating Internet
  e-mail messages.
* Implementations of the POP3 and SMTP protocols
  suitable for running on top of J2ME as well as J2SE.
* A helper class for accessing and decoding the body
  parts of MIME-compliant messages.
* Two simple command-line applications that demonstrate
  the use of Mail4ME on top of J2SE.
* A MIDlet for doing e-mail on an MIDP-enabled device.
  It allows to browse through one's POP3 inbox, read
  the individual messages and compose and send new ones.
  The MIDlet makes use of the MIME features and thus is
  able to display messages composed of text and PNG