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Mail4me: New Enhydra project: Mail4Me!

Dear Enhydra community,

I'd like to announce another open source "micro" project
under the EnhydraME umbrella!  Joerg Pleumann, friend of
Stephan Haustein (kXML fame), and another expert in the
wireless and micro Java space has contributed his "Mail4Me"
project. Described in Joerg's words, Mail4Me is...

Mail4ME is a lightweight implementation of the popular POP3
and SMTP protocols - with IMAP and MIME support to come -
allowing wireless J2ME/MIDP devices to access the e-mail
service at any time, and from any place (as long as a
suitable antenna is in reach and the device's battery is not
empty, of course).

This first release (available now) contains the following
a.. Implementations of the POP3 and SMTP protocols suitable
for running in an J2ME environment as well as in an J2SE
b.. Two simple command-line applications that demonstrate
the use of Mail4ME on top of J2ME.
c.. A MIDlet for doing e-mail on an MIDP-enabled device. It
allows to browse through one's POP3 inbox, read the
individual messages and compose and send new ones.

To find out more check out the project web site at
http://mail4me.enhydra.org/ or better still join the project
mail list (mail4me@enhydra.org ) by subscribing here:



Paul A Morgan
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Lutris Technologies, Inc.
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