Mail4ME is a lightweight implementation of the popular SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols - including MIME support - allowing wireless J2ME/MIDP devices to access the e-mail service at any time, and from any place. The package is suitable for running on top of J2ME as well as J2SE, so it is also a tiny alternative to JavaMail.

The source includes a MIDlet for doing e-mail on an MIDP-enabled device. It allows to browse through one's POP3 or IMAP inbox, read the individual messages and compose and send new ones. The MIDlet makes use of the MIME features and thus is able to display messages composed of text and PNG pictures.

You can download here.

Oct 20, 2003

Mail4ME has been covered in the German Java Spektrum magazine. This is a special edition with a focus on mobile Java, so we're in good company.

There will also be a new release soon with all the fixes sent in by helpful folks over time. Watch out for announcements on this page.

May 26, 2002

Mail4ME now has support for MIDP devices that speak HTTP only. For the client side there's a new connection class that allows tunneling of plain TCP through HTTP. This class works just like the connection classes for J2ME and J2SE, apart from the fact that you have to instantiate it manually (may change in the future). For the server side there's a small servlet that acts as a proxy for Mail4ME. The servlet requires a HTTP/1.1 compliant web server. It has been tested successfully with Tomcat 4.0, but doesn't work properly with 3.x versions of Tomcat. A sample web.xml file for Tomcat is in CVS and on the download page.

May 10, 2002

Mail4ME is famous now: The June issue of Dr. Dobbs has an in-depth article about the project, including a tutorial on how to use it in your own projects. Two remarks on this:

  • If you've already read the article and are now wondering where to find the SmtpException and Pop3Exception classes: They have been collapsed into one single exception class MailException. With the advent of the ImapClient class it simply didn't seem practical to have one exception class per protocol any more. The InboxClient class can be used as a common abstraction for the POP3 and IMAP clients, making run-time selection of a protocol quite easy.
  • Unfortunately, a small typo has made it into listing six on page 44, line 3: It should be if (count == 0) where the listing says if (int i == 0). Thanks to Adam Anderson for pointing this out. Note that the sample's correct source code is in CVS as well as in the ZIP on the download page.
I also decided to restructure the source code a bit: The samples are now in their own directory. And I did improve the memory behaviour of the low-level communications code. For J2ME this means you should be able to download larger messages now before getting an OutOfMemoryException.

The news archive is here.


Stay tuned for Mail4ME to make Headlines!

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